2020: Manhattan Voted Likeable Media Best Social Media Agency! 

Likeable Media
240 W 37th St #301
(212) 660-2458 – www.likeable.com

Likeable Media’s journey started with a wedding. In 2006, founders Dave and Carrie Kerpen got married at the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium in a $100,000 wedding sponsored by companies like 1800flowers.com, Entenmann’s and the Cyclones. Their wedding also generated $20 million in earned media from companies like the CBS Early Show, ABC World News Tonight and The New York Times. From there, the couple decided to start an events and marketing firm that offers consultation and creation services for companies. Likeable Media aims to investigate how competitor companies operate online, dive into a brand’s goals and come up with a social media strategy that will resonate with a company’s unique audience. Since its inception, Likeable has worked with various companies like Avon, Century 21 and JetBlue.