2021: Manhattan Voted Upper West Side Psychic Best Psychic!

Upper West Side Psychic
170 West End Ave
(646) 261-0007 – http://www.arielle-readings.com

Get in tune with your life and discover what’s in store for you with Arielle at Upper West Side Psychic. Arielle has been named the number one psychic reader in New York City and through her readings will help you identify what’s going on in certain areas of your life. Whether you want to understand more about your love life, marriage, general relationships, career, finances or other topics, Arielle can help you navigate the difficulty that is human life. Using her spirit guides and abilities, Arielle will help steer you in the right direction, on a path that will help you succeed. Come to Arielle with life questions and concerns and she will point you towards more joy, love and fulfillment.

2020: Manhattan Voted Sarah’s Visions Best Psychic!

Sarah’s Visions
167 W 48th St 3rd Fl
(732) 789-9225 – www.psychicoftimessquare.com

In need of some clarity on your future? Sarah’s Visions is the city’s go-to psychic to trust with foreseeing your fate. With over 50 years of experience and visionary knowledge, her skills range from tarot cards, palmistry and crystal ball readings. Sarah prides herself of belonging to a long lineage of psychics (seven generations worth of lineage), amplifying her psychic ability. Book your next reading with Sarah’s Visions, the fortune teller for New York City today!