2021: Manhattan Voted Biscuits & Bath Best Pet Sitting/Boarding!

Biscuits & Bath
41 W 13th St, New York, 10011
(646) 786-0972 – www.biscuitsandbath.com

Dog lovers know the anxiety that can come with having to leave your beloved animal when you need to go out of town. New Yorkers in the know don’t have to experience that stress because they use Biscuits and Bath for all of their dog care needs. Biscuits and Bath takes care of your fur baby like its own. This pet sitting service loves dogs and respects dog owners, offering personalized care and unparalleled service. Transportation? Check. Veterinary services? Check. Dog grooming? Absolutely. The dog retreat even has top notch trainers on hand to help your pet be the very best companion they can be. So when you need to leave town, you can leave your anxiety as well. Biscuits and Bath has got your pet!

2020: Manhattan Voted New York Dog Spa and Hotel Best Pet Sitting/Boarding!

New York Dog Spa and Hotel
32 W 25th St
(212) 243-1199 – www.dogspa.com

Your good boy or good girl needs a place to crash whenever you’re away so why not send them to some solid doggy digs in Chelsea. That is where they will have plenty of fellow pooches to sniff and play with as they await your return, whether it is for several days or just a couple hours. Dogs are housed in groups, according to their size and temperament, and there is no shortage of playgroups to attend in between naps and food breaks. Grooming and walking services are also available at a rate that will not break the bank.