2021: Manhattan Voted Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals Best Animal Rescue!

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals
244 5th Ave Suite R290
(212) 252-2350 – http://www.animalalliancenyc.org

Mayors Alliance for NYC’s Animals has a simple mission; the organization wants to make it possible that no dog or cat is ever killed simply because they do not have a home. Before the Alliance was founded in 2003, the live release rate at NYC’s municipal shelter systems was under 25%. In 2019, the live release rate was above 90% for the third year in a row. The Alliance has since achieved its goal of making NYC a no-kill city, now the organization focuses on animal welfare in New York City. The Alliance also provides services, resources and guidance to local animal rescue groups and shelters whenever possible. It also works with the City to address animal welfare-related issues and acts as a mentor in municipalities nationally.

2020: Manhattan Voted Stray From The Heart Best Animal Rescue!

Stray From The Heart
(212) 726-3647 – www.strayfromtheheart.org

As we learn more about the darker sides of the industry surrounding the breeding and sale of puppies and kittens, it is becoming increasingly clear that adoption can be a more ethical and impactful way of owning a pet than buying one from a store. And when it comes to animal rescue and adoption, there is absolutely none better than Stray From The Heart! For those New Yorkers who want to support animal rescue and adoption but can’t or aren’t allowed to have pets, a donation to the shelter is another great way of supporting the fantastic efforts of the best animal rescue in the city!