2020: Manhattan Voted Sugaring NYC Best Waxing Salon!

Sugaring NYC
5 W 30th St
(888) 647-8427 – www.sugaringnyc.com

If you’re searching for a healthy way to remove unwanted hair then Sugaring NYC is at your service providing organic waxing done with sugar paste, which is made from sugar, water and lemon juice (no chemicals, fragrances or coloring) Popular in Europe, sugaring became the next best thing in New York when Founder, Daria Nartova, launched Sugaring NYC in mid-2014. The studio’s waxing services include: Brazilian sugaring, body sugaring, face sugaring, and underarm sugaring. There are also waxing services for men as well. Looking to get your lashes done? The studio does lash extensions and Yumi lashes. Once you try sugaring, you might never return to waxing!