2019: Queens Voted Casa Enrique Best Taco!

Casa Enrique

5-48 49th Ave., Long Island City
347-448-6040 – henrinyc.com/casa-enrique

Casa Enrique is no stranger to fame and recognition for their amazing tacos, so it’s no surprise that their tacos have been deemed the best in Queens. This Michelin recognized restaurant serves the best, most fresh ingredients around. Their daily specials use seasonal elements to bring out the maximum flavor. Casa Enrique’s tacos are prepared with care. Their pastor option features pork marinated in chilies and pineapple. The suadero features a slow cooked brisket. Each of Casa Enrique’s tacos seems tastier than the last, and with innovative daily specials, no two experiences at Casa Enrique’s can be the same.

2018: Queens Voted Tortilleria Nixtamal Best Taco!

Tortilleria Nixtamal

104-05 47th Ave., Corona, New York

(718) 699-2434

It all began with a heartfelt, stomach-led desire, and a simple (yet brilliant) idea. Fernando Ruiz, who grew up eating tacos in the open markets of the Port of Veracruz, Mexico, wanted to change the popular notion that “you can’t find good Mexican food in New York City.” After an intense brainstorming session with his cousin in Mexico, Ruiz concluded that what Mexican restaurants in New York City lacked was very simple: GOOD TORTILLAS.

2017: Queens Voted Cinco de Mayo Best Taco!

Cinco de Mayo
42-29 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361/ (718) 224-0330

Cinco de Mayo has been open and serving authentic Mexican cuisine in Bayside since 2005. They strive, and succeed, to creative festive ambiance and an unforgettable dining experience. Their menu is highly varied, ranging from traditional enchiladas and nachos to burritos and their famous Paella Valenciana. Try any of the tacos, as they are incredibly flavorful.