2019: Queens Voted Maria’s Psychic Readings Best Psychic!

Maria’s Psychic Readings

27-11 23 Ave, New York

Want to know what the future holds? Come to Maria’s Psychic Readings in Flushing for some insight. She’ll provide you with a glimpse of what you can expect in the years ahead.

2018: Queens Voted Vedic Astrology Best Psychic!

Vedic Astrology


Our website is where you can get many free Vedic astrology classes and get in line for the next Certification Program. You can calculate your Vedic astrology chart on our site by using our chart calculator. Just enter your birth information and it will produce a chart for you. Vedic astrology is also called Hindu astrology or Indian astrology. It has a direct correlation with Yoga, Ayurveda (The medical system of India), and it shares the same cultural references to those practices.

2017: Queens Voted Psychic Readings by Christina Best Psychic!

Psychic Readings by Christina
51-15 43rd Ave, Woodside, NY 11377 – (718) 709-1278

Why stress about the future when you can head on over to Woodside for the most accurate psychic reading in town? All of Queens can agree that Psychic Readings by Christina – at home on 43rd Avenue – is the place to get your tarot on. Its head honcho, Christina, is unbeatable, according to reviews, and leaves patrons leaving happy with their spot-on readings.