2020: Manhattan Voted The Meatball Shop Best Meatball!

The Meatball Shop
200 9th Ave
(212) 257-4363 – www.themeatballshop.com

For the best meatballs, dine at The Meatball Shop which serves up a variety of mix-and-match meatballs on the menu. Chef and Co-Owner of The Meatball Shop, Daniel Holzman, along with childhood friend and co-owner Michael Chernow, opened the shop in 2010; five more locations of the shop opened in quick succession. The venue works with Heritage Foods USA, the farm-to-table online butcher based in Brooklyn, dedicated to supporting family farmers raising livestock on pasture with old-school genetics. The shop uses good, clean, humanely sourced meat, which they consider is the key to a great meatball. Online ordering is available and the shop caters for special events. And if you’re a fan, they also have merchandise for sale.