2021: Manhattan Voted 100 St. Wine and Liquor Best Liquor/Wine Store! 

100 St. Wine and Liquor
2648 Broadway
(212) 666-3960 – www.100stwine.com

Much more than just the corner liquor store, 100 St. Wine & Liquor, located at 2648 Broadway, has been serving the upper west side for more than 40 years featuring a huge selection of wines and spirits from all over the world. You can shop by winery, varietal, region, or country to find whatever you’re looking for. Whether it’s Italian wine from Tuscany, sweet Riesling from France or something from Australia or Chile, 100 St. has got you covered. Spirits include a seemingly endless variety of vodkas and whiskeys, cognacs, liqueurs, and cordials in a price range that fits every budget. Quick and easy local delivery is available or just come on down and check out 100 St. Wine & Liquor’s great selection or visit 100stwine.com.

2020: Manhattan Voted Chelsea Wine Cellar Best Liquor/Wine Store! 

Chelsea Wine Cellar
200 W 21st St
(212) 675-1813 – www.chelseawinecellarnyc.com

Since 1998, Chelsea Wine Cellar has been the go-to shop for New York CIty dwellers to grab a bottle of their favorite wine and spirits. With their vast collection of red wines, white wines, sparkling alcohols and spirits (not to mention a special collection of vintage wines), Chelsea Wine Cellar strives to provide the best service at an affordable price. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the store’s staff and management is always looking to expand their collection based on what the customers want. So whether you need to buy a bottle for a special occasion or you’re just trying to restock your liquor cabinet, Chelsea Wine Cellar should be your first stop.