2019: Queens Voted Ben’s Ben’s of Bayside Best Hot Dog!

Ben’s of Bayside

211-37 26th Ave, Bayside
718-229-2367 – www.bensdeli.net

Ben’s Deli has had the same name and the same owner for over 40 years, which has given plenty of time to perfect the process of making hot dogs. A business that was started in dire financial standing, the rent was paid in quarters sometimes, has now grown to become one of the most popular kosher delis in New York. With a variety of specialty dogs, including the NY Fiver which holds two dogs, three toppings and a pretzel bun, making the rounds, nowhere in Queens offers a better, tastier selection than Ben’s.

2018: Queens Voted Ben’s Best Kosher Deli Best Hot Dog!

Ben’s Best Kosher Deli

96-40 Queens Blvd


Ben’s Best delicatessen is an outstanding restaurant and catering business in Rego Park, New York. Benjamin Parker started this very successful endeavor in 1945. He learned the business from his father who was also in the deli business. Benjamin’s first deli was located at 163rd Street and Southern Boulevard in the Bronx and subsequently moved to Rego Park. In 1984 Benjamin passed away and his son, Jay Parker, who at the time was 33 years old took over the deli and became a third generation deli owner.

2017: Queens Voted Ben’s of Bayside Best Hot Dog!

Ben’s of Bayside
211-37 26th Ave, Bayside, NY 11360/ (718) 229-2367

Sorry Chicago, but New York is the king of hot dogs. With so many avenues and competition to find a high-quality frank, Ben’s of Bayside has the perfect hot dog. With the owner in the business for 42 years, the establishment has maintained a dedicated group of customers. If you need to cater a large gathering with not only their delicious hot dogs, but great sandwiches and cold cuts, give Ben’s a call. Their prices are great as is their customer service.